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The Breachless team puts its passion at your service and offers you customized solutions in cybersecurity, software creation, systems and networks.

Our promise: to meet your IT needs within your budget.

Breachless Solutions was born from a simple observation: cybersecurity is a massively underestimated domain and absent from the policies of many companies. This is due to the complexity and high cost of this type of service. However, small and medium-sized companies are more and more targeted by cyber-attacks of all kinds.

Protecting one's own data and that of third parties (customers, suppliers, etc.) as well as information systems therefore becomes essential.

We offer you an adapted accompaniment to establish an inventory in terms of security as well as solutions adapted to your situation. Aware of the current economic stakes, we offer you a diversified range of services as well as customized services for you.

Our services extend beyond cybersecurity, we also support you for any development or system and network needs.

Entrust us with your IT challenges so that you can concentrate on the essential: Your core business.


The Breachless team is made up of computer enthusiasts who are always thirsty for knowledge and innovation.

Photo of Alex Zarzitski

Alex Zarzitski


Passionate about computers and electronics, I spend days and nights experimenting with the latest technologies and expanding my knowledge in these ever-growing fields.

My insatiable curiosity always pushes me to deepen the various subjects that I discover or partially know. This opens up new horizons and often leads to new project ideas.

If I had to use 3 words to briefly define myself, it would be rigorous, persistent and creative.

Photo of Camélia Zarzitski

Camélia Zarzitski

General Manager

Computer science is a world of its own that I've been drawn to and that I never stop exploring. Software development is the first area I discovered, I still like it and I never miss an opportunity to spend my time there.

The network and its intricacies are another area that is also evolving, and one that I follow closely. Cybersecurity is everywhere in this world, it's not a destination but the path to take or build.

Photo of Valentin Chevalier

Valentin Chevalier

Systems and Networks Manager

Intrigued by robotics since I was young, computer science instinctively turned out to be the path I had to follow. This field is vast and constantly expanding, which regularly feeds my curiosity.

It also allowed me to discover different sectors of activity as well as their practices and their functioning. It is an environment that leaves little room for routine, which keeps me motivated.

I'm keen to keep up to date with each new opportunity, on the latest releases in terms of software development, network design, not to mention security which is increasingly important in a data-driven society. Each new challenge is a personal way to deepen the alliance of these three elements for the design of ever more complex systems.

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